My Random Quotes

Sometimes I ask God, ‘Why is it taking You so long to answer this prayer?’ Or ‘Why do I have to suffer so much?’ But, what God has made me realize, is that He could say the same to us, ‘Why has it taken you so long to trust Me?’ Or ‘Why are you choosing to suffer in this alone for so long? Come to Me! I’ve been waiting…”

“God created our face. We get to choose which direction our wrinkles will go.” -6/22/20

“Social distancing happened long before COVID-19. In fact, only weeks ago! After all, that’s what social media has done in our lives. Why are we so surprised that this is something new?“  -3/23/20

“The universities will shout, but I will raise my voice to the Lord.”

“We are communal nomads racing around this world together, looking down in our devices… And yet, all alone. When we finally stop and look up, we will ask, “Where are we going?” -3/11/2019

“Our phones and devices are mirrors that we see ourselves in. We block out the rest of the world. We become self centered and apathetic to the world around us.”
-October 2019

“I have two full-time jobs; one, is teaching, the other, is my self improvement.”
-July 2019

“As a teacher, I like teaching, but I also have always loved to learn. However, the one thing I forgot to learn is “Me”. Now at the age of 50, I’m finally taking that course. It’s the longest course I’ve taken…And the most difficult!” -July 2019

“I think God’s Word is so complex so we are always growing in it. Therefore, we can never be dependent on ourselves, only God. If one person could know everything about the Word, then there’s no need for that person to go to God for anything. There will always be something to learn from the Word. God planned it that way.”

“Do not depend on your own understanding.” (Proverbs 3:5)

“We think we spend our whole lives trying to live.  When really…We are just trying ourselves to death.  When we finally say, ‘I am ready for you to take over, Jesus.’ That’s when we truly live. In this world. And the next.” -1/21/2020

“We all worry about dying someday; right now, some are worrying about it in the midst of death, while others worry about it as an event to come later. In reality, we are all dying. It is important we find out the things we are dying for.”  -1/25/2020

“Instead of asking: ‘Am I trusting God?’ I need to ask: “In what areas am I NOT trusting God?” -1/24/2020

“We will always have critics in our lives. If not people…then Satan.  He is our biggest critic of all, and he whispers to people…the very people who we call our critics.”

“Memeingless- Random and useless posts void of meaningful content.” -8/2019

“Fundane- Finding the fun in the mundane parts of life.“ -10/2019

“We live in a world of instant gratification that has almost entirely lost its everlasting perspective.” -July 2017

“What are you going to do with forever?“ -June 2019

“You are the common denominator in every fraction of your life.” -July 2017

“Hope is the oxygen to the soul.” -July 2017

“I think God has made me “extra human”. “Super Human” really– Because I mess up a lot! Everyday. It seems I can’t do anything right.” -3/5/19

“I think sometimes we wake up and have insomnia because God wants to talk to us. We are so busy and never shut off our devices or TV or get quiet enough to be with Him. So He has to wake us up.”
-February 2019

“There is always a way.”

Every Moment Of Every Day.

-Em O. Ed