An open letter to the future-you(th):

We, the people of 2020, are making decisions right now that will affect the future-you(th). You might think we are supposed to have all of the answers. But we don’t.

Should we ask you to forgo authentic experiences, or not? Who should be the one to bear these burdens? How do we weigh that against the here-and-now? How can we ask you to take over the responsibilities of this world, without showing you that risk is a part of that? How can we make the right decisions for you when we struggle doing the same for ourselves?

How do we respond to all of this now, so the future-you(th) will know what it looks like to respond in the face of challenge…and indecision? With conviction…and with love?

What we choose to do now-

The burdens we choose to carry now-

The decisions we choose to make now-

We do for the future-you(th).

Not for the moment-us.

Not for the glamor-us.

Not for the glory-us.

But for the future-you(th) in all of us.

So we turn to the Word,

We close our eyes,

And we ask the Lord:

How should we respond?


The People of 2020

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