You are a trophy

It is my mission to leave these written messages in different locations to inspire others beyond the walls of my classroom.

I sat in a circle on the floor with my class, as I held up a little plastic trophy-

And I announced:

“A medal for finishing a 5K-

The end of chemo treatments-

A cup of coffee over a warm conversation-

A win-

A triumph-

A moment to be held in high regard.

All are trophies friends of mine might place on our shelf if they were sitting here with us.”

I made this proclamation, as I set the little plastic trophy in the center of the circle as a symbolic gesture on behalf of my friends.

“What trophy will you place on the shelf today?” Be sure to Invite a Friend to do the same.

“What trophy will you place on our shelf today?” I asked.

I pointed to the little plastic trophy that I had placed on our imaginary shelf in the middle of the circle. I invited each of my fourth-grade “friends” to:

Take it-

Proclaim it

Place it on our shelf-

And Invite a friend in the circle to do the same.

Many proclamations were made that day. Medals and trophies from musical performances and athletic events, belts and badges from martial arts and scouts; And several declarations of special memories with family, applause for a job well-done, and faith in Jesus Christ.

It was at that moment in our conversation that I knew my class understood the true power of trophies. And it was at that moment I resolved to set free the notion: “Not Everyone Gets a Trophy”

Because everyone does.

Because everyone already has a trophy.

We just have to help them find out what it is.

“And the beauty of having a shared trophy on an imaginary shelf,” I told my class, “there are no names or inscriptions on it. We share in the glory of our trophy. And so we can change what it represents to us… Every moment of every day.

We just have to:

Take it

Proclaim it

Place it

Invite a friend

“What trophy do you want to place on the shelf today?”

Friend, I invite you to do the same…

Every Moment Of Every Day.

-Em O. Ed

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