You are a stick

There are many different kinds of sticks. Which stick speaks to you?

A lowly stick found on the ground, a hockey stick, a yardstick, a popsicle stick, a walking stick… Choose a stick that speaks to you.

“How would you compare yourself to that stick?”

My class shared their thoughts about this concept in many amazing ways.

“My life is better than a stick because a stick is boring and just sits there.”

“I am like this popsicle stick because when the popsicle finally melts away you can actually get to know me. The popsicle part hides and protects me until I really get to know you and feel comfortable letting you know who I really am.”

“A stick can be in the form of a boomerang. Every decision that I make leads back to where I was before. I consider what choices I make based on the experiences I had.”

“Not all sticks are the same. Just like people are not all the same.”

“I’m different than a stick. God gave me life and a stick has no choice in their life.”

“There are different uses for a stick it has many adventures. You never know where it will end up. It could end up in a nest, a picture frame, or maybe even saw dust. I wonder what my adventures will be?”

“A stick may not even be just a stick after all; it may have roots and grow into a tree. It gets smarter. It grows taller. It gets better just like us over time.”

“A stick may be pulled away from a tree. Just like someone may be pulled away from the family. It can represent pain.”

“My life is like small sticks and big sticks. Small sticks are like small moments in my life that are only here for a short time. Big sticks are like big moments in my life that last longer.”

Now that school is out for the summer, I have had a little time to reflect on the very question I had asked my class.

I will be turning 50 this month, and through my life experiences, I am a stick that has been whittled and carved by God. I may have some gashes and imperfections, but I’m God’s own handicraft.

And that, to me, is pretty extraordinary.

You, my friend, are a stick being carved into an extraordinary person too…

Every Moment Of Every Day!

-Em O. Ed

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