You are your tomorrow

Your tomorrow can be your next day,
or it can be your future.

“What does your tomorrow taste like?” That is the question I posed to my class on the day before the last day of school. Several students naturally replied with such words as: “FREEDOM!” and “SUMMER!”

I explained…”Your tomorrow can be your next day or it can be your future. Take a pause in your life at this moment and reflect on your tomorrow.”

In response, our conversation took a turn toward career goals: “My tomorrow tastes like SCHOOL SUPPLIES, because I want to be a teacher.” and “It tastes like VICTORY to me, because my goal is to work for my country in the armed forces.”

As the conversation progressed, my class continued to express their “tomorrows” in other unique ways, such as: “My tomorrow tastes like the EARTH, because I want to protect the earth from pollution.” and “It tastes like SOUR PATCH CANDY. It’s sour because tomorrow is the last day of school, and we will be leaving our friends, but it is also sweet because it’s summer time!”

It is my mission to leave these written messages in different locations to inspire others beyond the walls of my classroom.

More responses were thrown out into the circle. All of them were inspiring and thought-provoking. My students gave such great insight beyond what I ever could have imagined.

I began to think about my own response. I guess my tomorrows could be summed up tasting like “SALTY TEARS” because they will be filled with tears of joy and tears of sorrow; Life makes it certain of that.

What does your tomorrow taste like?

I hope my students’ reflections have fueled you to think deeply and reflect on your tomorrow. They inspire and amaze me with their deep thinking…

Every Moment Of Every Day!

-Em O. Ed

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