In a World Without Corners

Original post below from my on May 26, 2018

This drawing was left behind by a student in Miss Shoemaker’s Music Room after the Noblesville School shooting 5/25/18

There are no corners to the world, so it is difficult to sweep life into one pile.

A static charge draws a somber dust that hangs heavy in the air. And eventually the dust falls.

After the incident at my school district on May 25, 2018, people once again were trying to process the cause of another school shooting.

So how do we sweep our lives into one pile In a World Without Corners?

We can’t.

Because it’s not just one pile. It’s many piles.

Piles that we make. Piles we leave and forget about. Piles that we push around.

The people we leave out. The situations we ignore. The pleas we push aside.

It’s not just one problem. It’s not just guns. It’s not just mental health, or working parents, or single parents, or incompetent parents…or teachers…or politicians…or policies. It’s not just violent video games or movies, or bullying.

It’s not just— It’s all.

It’s all the little piles that add up to one big mess.

Winston Churchill once said, “We shape our dwellings, and afterwards our dwellings shape us.”

What kind of world are we shaping for our kids?

We must look within ourselves, our dwellings- and beyond.

We have built this bubble around ourselves and our children so much that we have alienated our reach to others. We have dipped ourselves in a vat of Safety-Sanitizer that has lost its effectiveness and has left us more susceptible to the big problems of this world. Keeping ourselves safe, has kept others out; out of our reach.

Paul tell us this in Philippians 2:4 “Don’t look out only for your own interests, but take an interest in others, too.” (NLT)

We must reach out of ourselves and bring in people. We must get outside of our bubble and observe and love those around us. We need to look at the little piles that are sitting in front of us and sweep them up.

We need to look up, and we need deal with the piles that are all around us.

Then maybe we can do our part to clean up this world that we live in- In a World Without Corners

Every Moment Of Every Day.

-Em O. Ed


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