Pen Name: Em O. Ed

I am blessed to be the wife to an amazing husband and a mother to two wonderful children. I am thankful to be serving at a dynamic school that continues to fuel the teacher in me. I am grateful to have the time and God-given talent to be a writer. I am blessed to be a part of God’s family who continues to fill me up spiritually.

For all of this, I am blessed more than I deserve…

Every Moment Of Every Day.

I like to bike, write, read, create…whether it be creating art, stories, surprises, laughs, friends, new dishes, or messes… I like to create. I do not swim- I float. I do not dive- I dip. I do not wear gloves when gardening. I am really good at hoarding projects on Pinterest.

I see beauty in the simple things and get lost in their intricacies. Textures and ironic visuals appeal to me. I am an analogous type of person- making comparisons with images and descriptive words. I am a bit of an outrageous thinker, but I am not bothered when it is not the norm, and actually would prefer it to be that way.

I think people-watching is a lost art. I consider myself a conversationalist- Especially when I’m talking to myself (I learn a great deal about the other person). Many people do not get my humor and creativity, but I’m okay with that. My hope is that I can motivate others to believe the same kind of thing about themselves too…

Every Moment Of Every Day!

-Em O. Ed